Face Tweeting

My blogging experience has existed mostly on Tumblr. There was a short-lived attempt during my sophomore year of high school, but The Black Pop Tart was my first stab at somewhat original content. No re-blogging.


I was excited and overwhelmed. Not to mention anxious that my content wouldn’t live up to its initial hype. I’ve used my Facebook and Twitter sites to advertise myself and my page. Through this experience, I’ve found a renewed respect for Facebook. Logging on can become a monotonous, yet irresistible task.

Fortunately I’ve been able to have fun with the website again. I’ve learned that when branding yourself, advertising your projects is only 30% of the job. You must be consistent and contribute on a regular basis. Witty statuses and interpretations of current events draws people to your page, but to you as well.

My abhorrence of Twitter has only strengthened. It lacks the back and forth communication that I enjoy on Facebook. Oh, and not to mention the 140 character or less attack on my long winded sentences. Twitter is simply not for me. I am willing, however, to attempt to learn how Twitter works.



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