Little Black Pop Tart

Growing up I had role models of various colors and creeds. Admittedly, finding some that looked anything like me proved to be a daunting task at times.

Not to mention shopping for Barbie dolls. Except I was looking for Christie, the side kick, and one of the harder ones to find. One year I received a Dionne doll from one of my favorite movies, Clueless. She had micro braids and frosted lipstick. I was in heaven.I was also the proud owner of all five Spice Girl dolls. Scary was my favorite and most treasured.

If I wanted to find a black person on a magazine cover, I usually thumbed through the pages of Essence, Ebony or JET magazines. I loved them. After all, the JET beauties resembled me…sometimes (or they were close enough!). Finding seven international magazine covers featuring seven successful black women in rotation at the same time made the little girl in me squeal with delight. Take a look at these beautiful ladies below.


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